The Modern Shapewear Garment.

Tomima of HerRoom, wrote an excellent article about the structure of modern shapewear and how garments comfortably contour bodies into classic silhouettes like those seen on Mad Men. You can read it on Lingerie Briefs.

She even went on to talk about Rago Shapewear. “Take Rago, for instance. They’re pretty much the Cadillac of shapewear manufacturers. With decades of design experience, they’ve honed the construction of their shapewear to deliver true, consistent contouring and smoothness.”


Quality Open Bottom Girdles.

“Rago makes functional and fabulous open bottom girdles (for firm shaping) and garter belts (light shaping, mostly used to hold up hoes). They are gong to run you about $50-60. Embrace the price!!! Rago makes quality products. They use metal in their garter clips (if you read my garter/thigh high rant from last week… you know why this is important to plus size women!). And, they use good quality materials.
I’ve had one of my open bottom Rago girdles for about 5 years now!” -

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