A glamorous burlesque appearance is built on the foundation of gorgeous, well–made undergarments. When it comes to emulating that knockout Betty Page look, curves are key, which means high quality support lingerie is a must have!

When shopping for foundation wear, it’s important to know what type of boning your garment is made with. Some corsets have plastic boning while others have steel boning. Both can be great options, but steel boning will allow for more support. If you’re looking to significantly change the shape of your body, double boned corsets will produce the best results!

It is extremely important to factor in how firm your shapewear should be. If you have an elaborate stage routine planned, the last thing you need getting in the way of your performance is your underwear. In this case, medium to firm shaping garments would be your best bet. On the other hand, if you have an event to attend and would rather have the extra support, try on extra firm shaping garments.

Dressing up your burly costume is possible with contrasting fabrics and trims along with thigh-high hosiery. American Shapewear carries girdles and waist cinchers with garters so that you can effortlessly wear that classic burlesque style.

The burlesque style is all about accentuating the female form, empowering us to be proud, confident and curvy. When it comes to the best burlesque support garments, body shapers, and lingerie, I always count on American Shapewear. They have very well–made styles ranging from crazy–sexy to classic traditional.